Sound Shift for iRacing

Ever since I've been playing iRacing on a 3 monitor system I'm using many different dashboard apps on my Android phone. But I realized that when Oculus Rift comes then this method is no longer an option. In the Rift you probably don't want to stare the dashboard constantly or from time to time or you hate the floating HUDs, as I am. So I have created a similar program as SimShiftLight which communicates via sounds. Also you can use this instead of ShiftTone.


This program is DonationWare.


- Sound Shift v4.1 [zip]

- vehicles.ini

- Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package


Normal usage:

- start iRacing if you trust my default settings

- or choose a car and set a suitable shifting point rpm

- with the [X] Close button you can minimize it to the toolbar


Extended usage:

- uncheck the [] Simple checkbox

- now you can tweak the shifting points for all gears individually

- the rpm offsets between the gears are limited to +-300

- some examples:

Star Mazda: 1st 8000, 2nd 8100, 3rd 8200, 4th 8300, 5th 8400

Radical: 1st 10100, 2nd 10200, 3rd 10300, 4th 10400, 5th 10500

Spec Racer Ford: 1st 5900, 2nd 5800, 3rd 5700, 4th 5600


Usage tips:

- [] Gears checkbox toggles gears voiceover

- [] Beep checkbox toggles shift beep

- [] Brake checkbox toggles brake force indicator sounds. You can hear sounds at specified braking force percentages

- You can set the beep repeat time in milliseconds and you can testing it by pushing the Test button continuously.

- The beep sound can be replaced, you just need to copy a new sound file named 'beep.wav' into the program folder.


Minimum requirements:

- iRacing account

- Windows XP

- .NET 4 Framework

- Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package